08 Jun 2022
Two men installing kitchen cabinets

What type of installation do you want? Do you want an all-new custom kitchen or to replace parts of your old ones? You may be asking yourself how much it will cost, how much time will it take, or are there DIY options for the project.

Cost of Installation

The kitchen cabinet installation cost will vary depending on the type of cabinets that you have purchased and if you will hire a professional to install them. How many cabinets do you have? How big are they? What material are they made from? Do they come pre-assembled, or do they need to be assembled yourself? If there are any custom details that you want, it will cost more.

Also, in many cases, the cost of installation and cabinets can be combined into one price. It is unnecessary to spend more money on expensive cabinets installed without any custom details or perhaps with inferior quality.

Time Needed to Install

Naturally, this depends on the number of cabinets you install, but generally, it’s no more than a few hours. If you’re going for a custom look, this may require more time and expertise. But typically, it should not take more than a few hours to install, even if your cabinets need to be assembled.

DIY Installation of Cabinets Options

If you decide to hire a professional, you might be thinking that you can save money by installing them yourself. Although this is true, it is not always recommended for people who don’t have experience installing cabinets or with other home improvement projects. Repairs will require the help of a professional in most cases if any problems arise. Hiring an expert saves you money in the long run and ensures the quality of your kitchen is up to par with what you expect.

Your Experience

How much experience do you have in home improvement projects? Getting a professional may be the best option if you’re starting from scratch. Not only will it be faster and easier, but it also ensures your cabinets are installed correctly and won’t need to be repaired.

Types of Installation

There are two major types of installation for cabinets, cabinet accessories and custom installation. Cabinet accessories are the easiest to install because they require no customization or additional design work. They are also made to fit into a standard kitchen.

The other type is a custom installation of cabinets. This can be difficult and time-consuming for someone without much experience. Still, it offers you the opportunity to design your kitchen however you want and make small changes to the layout of the cabinet openings or even add new features such as drawers.

Where to Get Quality Cabinets

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